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Emmanuel Goldstein-ISM

The “Enemy of the State” caricature is more important to deconstruct as idealism than as well-worn cynical ploy of political system. I say this realizing that, to myself, it is just another mechanism of the totalitarian mindset, to be wielded unabashedly in response to a democratic reflex. But to actually understand what it all means, to be willingly anti-intellectual and anti-progressive, you must face our shared nature towards dogmatically maintaining “morals”, “faith” and “righteousness”. Ethics are useful, but only when applied without bias equally in every case… there is no other excuse and can be none.

But to point about Jeremy Corbyn being allotted some culpability in this Tory adventure: Shouldn’t he be reviled and rejected publicly for his particular viewpoint whence that fairness of joint power-sharing is exposed? After all, doesn’t he advocate an extreme (if not the most) flavor of anti-semitic socialism any parliamentarian could encounter at Westminster, if god forbid he were given “legitimacy” by the May government it would lead to chaos. Here is an example of ToryTHINK from the Independent.

Furious Tory MPs condemn May for opening Brexit talks with ‘Marxist, antisemite’ Corbyn

Furious Tory MPs have condemned Theresa May for opening Brexit talks with Jeremy Corbyn, branding him “not fit to govern” and a “Marxist, antisemite”. Prime minister’s questions was dominated by Conservatives lining up to attack their leader for turning to Labour in search of a compromise to end the crisis and pass a deal.

2 minutes of Hate and more

I say chap, err, simply look at the situation you have placed yourselves in now. Co-opting a democratic system as Britain possesses will have some difficulties, principally by those who adhere to its laws and charter without bias and with foresight into consequences of its own actions. The Brexiteers fit the bill the same as those none too displeased that the Reichstag burnt down… which is finally their signature accomplishment of a WTO ‘managed’ brexit.

I’m certain after the crash-out occurs there will be an opportunity for decrees against “remainers & fellow travelers” and their removal from further “negotiation” which could “soften” it, as well as state policy included. Watch and learn sorrowful history repeat itself.

Brexit “hardman” Steve Baker: “I think we may be on the cusp of the destruction of both main parties”

On the evening of 28 March, Steve Baker, the Tory MP for Wycombe, sat down to write an “article of surrender”. The deputy chairman of the European Research Group (ERG) had led the parliamentary resistance against Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement for the best part of a year, defeating the prime minister’s deal twice and, perhaps, terminally fracturing the unity of the Conservative Party in the process.

Sky News inquired of Steve Baker, who last week was wishing he could tear down parliament and bulldoze it into the Thames. “Well, everyone knows I’m Brexit hardman Steve Baker,”..

Finally in closing, soon the citizens of Britain will either fight against this cancer, or succumb to it. History records no alternative, you cannot reason with those minds which reject the force of comity and its institutions which allow for just that.


the Cello as synthetic

The Violoncello in the 17th Century (Anner Bylsma)

Anner Bylsma, Violoncello Lidewy Scheifes, Violoncello Bob Van Asperen, Orgel und Cembalo 01. Frescobaldi – Canzone XVI, a-Moll 02. Frescobaldi – Canzone VIII, g-Moll 03. Frescobaldi – Canzone XV, F-Dur 04. Gabrielli – Ricercar V, C-Dur 05. Gabrielli – Canon a due Violoncelli, D-Dur 06. Gabrielli – Ricercar I, g-Moll 07.

earlier deepness was requisite.

In the 17th century there weren’t as many bots as we have today. Hence, daily artificiality was at a severe disadvantage.

Does that mean we’re now superior in manufacture? Obviously, as far as that output which adheres to the lowest common denominator of human adequacy. Mankind needs to have feedback, and it shall be provided, being entirely up to them its worthiness. To invention we give thanks, but effort much less so.

The programmer looks towards coding, rather than ultimate goal of his (or even her) work, which provides for a decent living wage nowadays. We the consumer dive headfirst into this modern troth of information as driven by our supreme market forces of meaning, survival and loneliness. Need not to worry about nourishment, ever. Since the rise of the ‘bot, there is now plenitude of opportunity for sustenance liken to any thoughtfulness. The 21st century world is to be one of reaction, so c’mon REACT already.

Internet bot – Wikipedia

An internet bot, also known as web robot, WWW robot or simply bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks (scripts) over the Internet. Typically, bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone.

a prosiac description of british understatement, once you’ve encountered a superior bot.

Listening to Bylsma is about judging experience. In our history of documenting musicians by recording them we critique the sound quality as well as approach… or even perhaps the message of it all? If your own everyday effort seems insurmountable chore simply close the portal eyes and listen to what Frescobaldi or Gabrielli thought themselves about going thru experience with wooden synthetic bots of their own age. They did not so much fodder the cattle as ours do, but tell of structure and form, possibilities, and the eternal worth of mindfulness.

A different time indeed.


CBS shows are better IMHO

Cable TV has died, and steaming is now taking its place, with a new subscription service starting up every week it seems. BUT how to pick a decent tv series if you’re on only one or two media-spitters because of budget constraints? Lemme see…

~ You can start by taking advantage of the promos that the major players offer every few months. For example STARZ, Hulu, CBS Access, Amazon Prime and many others (besides Netflix). How to tell who is a major player? Go to this site and check the icon bar at top that indicates them daily:

With the discount promos lasting usually a month (or more) you can dip your toe into the water and see if their latest offerings aren’t just retreads of 90s vintage cinemax softporn. I’m not kidding, trust me you’ll notice. Why is that? I have no idea, except perhaps these new show producers are just crossovers from that genre. Maybe they got their start doing knockoff late-nite flesh jobs?

~ Just examine the source. If it is a major television network like CBS, ABC, BBS, or Discovery you’ll know they can’t afford to go too far outside what they could ever show on their regular channels. Which is good because that means they have to engage the viewer with a plot instead of gratuitous lovey-dovey sex scenes. My own idea of the length of such is best demonstrated by that one in a great movie “the Terminator” (1984). Remember? Maybe 60 seconds, tops.


So who comes out with a show that YOU can actually make it to its ending? And then as an ADDED BONUS impel you to watch the next autoplay? So far I’ve detected that CBS access tops the lot, despite first appearances. When you first login you’ll noticed they have 4 live channels, then a TON of tv series of all sorts and eras (50s to today), and then only about 19 to 20 movies of average to below average box office gross (but actual theatrical releases, no straight-to-video fare at all). All this should be $9? I dunno when STARZ is sending me invitations almost every other month and Shudder is chock full of the nicest people you’ll ever bulletin with. But wait!…

~ Besides having something watchable what makes a streaming services worth paying for in your mind? Simple! It must emulate regular tv watching with NO BUFFERING at all. Watching CBS access seems to be worry free on my devices, STARZ not so much, Shudder not uncommon, but DC Universe is the WORST!!!! Beware the glitch

Only their top section displayed, it gets DEEPER and DEEPER

Sit down, and turn it to the series tab and blast down thru the offerings, get overwhelmed and then decide to go on the internet and find out what the top shows are by using google. Guess what? There is no central review agency like the Nielsen ratings. You’re just gonna have to use sites like justwatch which have a latest or popular tv series tab to look at. If there is a new show worth watching it will be close to the very top AND if there is a quality tv series they will often load all seasons at once. So look for that.

Last word for now, If you try Amazon Prime video streaming you will also be offered the ability to obtain other mainstream (and knockoff) streamers thru them called Amazon Channels. Not too bad for this reason, their subtitles and close captioning are the best I’ve found so far, nice and adjustable. So would I pay a dollar more for that? You betcha (Sarah Palin voiceover).

~to be continued~

The day parliament failed was today.

Ken Clarke on Twitter

Live pictures as Nick Boles leaves the Conservative Party.

The oldest politician there knows politics, this wasn’t.

Before I thought the most sensible thing to do was, of course, to vote YES on all the amendments… surely something will win out towards the BENEFIT of the electorate who has no desire to be poorer.

Yet that wasn’t the case.

Alas, no-deal brexit will be the outcome, as predicted by those much more cynical for this utterly cynical and craven time, who knew the power of politicians of every national stripe.


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