Greetings. Yes of course this blog was started during the first month of the american war in Afghanistan, I forget the date actually. T’was in response to locating/confronting those who planned and successfully destroyed the twin towers in New York City, a place still regarded as my favorite metropolis in all the known world. Back there in 1999 Willie Buck Merle was a technician for one of our national airlines of repute, and my tasks were to upgrade software-hardware-firmware for its travel services in order to compensate for the upcoming y2k bug… many jobs of which were performed at the World Trade Center itself. Hence, it was only two years beforehand I escaped wholesale destruction of working saps just like me, extremely nice people who came to work on time that day, of every sort and nationality you could have imagined, in both of the world’s safest buildings.

a place I worked at.

This blog, back then, took on the character of myself it’s purveyor at the time of accepting reality as it was, first bemused at the shady outcome of an presidential election, now out-of-work due to the dot-com bust, and then awoken in the morning to watch planes crashing on live television into that marvelous plaza (and their later targets). Obviously our installed president sounded as if he was ready to rise to the challenge as well! So learning everything about that theatre of battle whilst trying to explain the strategies for confronting “asymmetrical” warfare, formulating the proper similes from past history, and actually corresponding with a few personalities one might see in today’s cable tv media (though now quite a bit older and more sanguine), I took it upon myself to help by creating “the War Years” blog for providing vital discourse. Not many enjoyed its posts, for example advising the reserve of caution towards aiding Pakistan, and its comments towards maintaining suspicion of our own administration in Washington DC subsequent to its military halt outside Kabul due a mysterious reasoning about resolution coming on too quickly… for Iraq’s sake. Because indeed it was a full-throated time for retribution not to be wasted upon obvious victory.

Nowadays, I’ll admit to my sensibilities being more refined towards observing those things much less destructful, yet the domain name remains to be used again, now that the time is upon us for full exodus from gplus (google+). Upon the intellectual continent over there was a community of those wishing for VICTORY over evil, as quick but much wider in method and thought. My hope is that The War Years can suffice a little for the pain of that loss too, once again.

-wbm (aka bunto skiffler)