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Another human ended, RIP Lyra McKee.

Reality aligns itself with something only subject to cost, never sense.

Lyra McKee: Lost Girl of the Troubles

“The past is never dead,” wrote William Faulkner. “It is not even past.” The senseless shooting dead of journalist and author Lyra McKee by dissident republicans in Derry last night feels like the worst of our past reaching out its cold, dead hand to rob us of the best of our future.

What the gun used against peace costs.

The night they drove old dixie down

The Last Waltz (1978) – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Scene (5/7) | Movieclips

The Last Waltz – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down: Levon Helm leads The Band through a passionate take of the Civil War-inspired song, “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.

When old things burn, we tend to restore them.

David Lammy will prove to be problematic for the crypto-NAZIs.

Opinion: David Lammy is spot on – the British right is tumbling into extremism

The backlash to David Lammy’s comments yesterday has been entirely predictable and hypocritical. If there’s one thing for which you can rely on Brexiteers, it’s to blame others for the mess they spent years carefully creating.

soon afterwards Lord Heseltine concurred.

Theresa May: Examining Immateriality

Sitting back in the audience, you realize that the primary reason this show failed wasn’t so much the casting, but the entire premise. Through the years I’ve had this adage towards most historiography in general (aka myth-making):

“Only the foolish will pick their own heroes.”

Theresa May’s Brexit speech in full

The Prime Minister has spelled out her plans for Brexit – with a warning that she is ready to walk away from negotiations unless Brussels offers a good deal. Theresa May promised that MPs would get a vote on that deal. But she also made clear that Brexit would mean leaving the single market for good.

“Hoisted on her own petard”

The Lancaster house speech is unique in that EVERYTHING Theresa May pointed out was turned upon it head and revealed her dishonesty… very plainly and without much dispute indeed. Please allow this video a lengthy listen from an historical perspective to learn exactly how she approached Brexit, but not how she managed this fiasco at all .

Why did it have to be that way?.. Epic failure? Today at this point I believe it is mainly due to the anointment of a hero archetype by their own press. Completely unnecessary for the task at hand, yet she accepted that immaterialism willingly. In this telling speech, she identifies merely 3 subjects:

  • “I” (herself)
  • “We” (britain)
  • “Europe” (non-britain)

…for a major policy speech aimed at brexiteers. Who needed that really? Only the Brit tabloid press and their myth-making. Her own Tory party had already accepted her as the one to complete brexit, so they must have been right all along she thought. “So job #1 must be to feed this narrative for their sake”.

Bad idea prime minister, acting the role of paladin. It will never be good enough.


Hook ’em Horns.

In Bubbles, She Sees a Mathematical Universe

For Karen Uhlenbeck, winner of the Abel Prize for math, a whimsical phenomenon offers a window onto higher dimensions. Credit Credit Kym Cox/Science Source PRINCETON, N.J. – On the evening of March 19, the mathematician Karen Uhlenbeck gathered with revelers at the Institute for Advanced Study for a champagne reception.

we also won the NIT championship, over some team starting with the letter L.

How Brexit looks to the audience

On parliamentarians talented, vainglorious, entertaining and anarchic

NICK BOLES’S dramatic resignation from the Conservative Party on Monday April 1st-he announced that was leaving the party and marched out of the chamber upon learning that a bill he had sponsored had fallen badly short of the votes it needed-is a significant moment in the transformation of the Tories from a pragmatic ruling party into …

Well worth watching for who is democratic.

Here was a country “determined to commit economic suicide but unable even to agree on how to kill itself”, led by “a ship of fools” unwilling to “compromise with one another and with reality”. The result was an “epic failure of political leadership”, Friedland said: scary stuff, but “you can’t fix stupid”.

A shambles on which the sun never sets: how the world sees Brexit

Rapt observers around the globe are confused, amused and saddened by a crisis that has torn Britain’s reputation for stability to shreds

Remembering Imperial Japan in the 1930s

Video purports to show British troops firing at Jeremy Corbyn poster

MoD investigating footage that appears to show Paras firing rounds at image of Labour leader

Runaway Horses.

Emmanuel Goldstein-ISM

The “Enemy of the State” caricature is more important to deconstruct as idealism than as well-worn cynical ploy of political system. I say this realizing that, to myself, it is just another mechanism of the totalitarian mindset, to be wielded unabashedly in response to a democratic reflex. But to actually understand what it all means, to be willingly anti-intellectual and anti-progressive, you must face our shared nature towards dogmatically maintaining “morals”, “faith” and “righteousness”. Ethics are useful, but only when applied without bias equally in every case… there is no other excuse and can be none.

But to point about Jeremy Corbyn being allotted some culpability in this Tory adventure: Shouldn’t he be reviled and rejected publicly for his particular viewpoint whence that fairness of joint power-sharing is exposed? After all, doesn’t he advocate an extreme (if not the most) flavor of anti-semitic socialism any parliamentarian could encounter at Westminster, if god forbid he were given “legitimacy” by the May government it would lead to chaos. Here is an example of ToryTHINK from the Independent.

Furious Tory MPs condemn May for opening Brexit talks with ‘Marxist, antisemite’ Corbyn

Furious Tory MPs have condemned Theresa May for opening Brexit talks with Jeremy Corbyn, branding him “not fit to govern” and a “Marxist, antisemite”. Prime minister’s questions was dominated by Conservatives lining up to attack their leader for turning to Labour in search of a compromise to end the crisis and pass a deal.

2 minutes of Hate and more

I say chap, err, simply look at the situation you have placed yourselves in now. Co-opting a democratic system as Britain possesses will have some difficulties, principally by those who adhere to its laws and charter without bias and with foresight into consequences of its own actions. The Brexiteers fit the bill the same as those none too displeased that the Reichstag burnt down… which is finally their signature accomplishment of a WTO ‘managed’ brexit.

I’m certain after the crash-out occurs there will be an opportunity for decrees against “remainers & fellow travelers” and their removal from further “negotiation” which could “soften” it, as well as state policy included. Watch and learn sorrowful history repeat itself.

Brexit “hardman” Steve Baker: “I think we may be on the cusp of the destruction of both main parties”

On the evening of 28 March, Steve Baker, the Tory MP for Wycombe, sat down to write an “article of surrender”. The deputy chairman of the European Research Group (ERG) had led the parliamentary resistance against Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement for the best part of a year, defeating the prime minister’s deal twice and, perhaps, terminally fracturing the unity of the Conservative Party in the process.

Sky News inquired of Steve Baker, who last week was wishing he could tear down parliament and bulldoze it into the Thames. “Well, everyone knows I’m Brexit hardman Steve Baker,”..

Finally in closing, soon the citizens of Britain will either fight against this cancer, or succumb to it. History records no alternative, you cannot reason with those minds which reject the force of comity and its institutions which allow for just that.


The day parliament failed was today.

Ken Clarke on Twitter

Live pictures as Nick Boles leaves the Conservative Party.

The oldest politician there knows politics, this wasn’t.

Before I thought the most sensible thing to do was, of course, to vote YES on all the amendments… surely something will win out towards the BENEFIT of the electorate who has no desire to be poorer.

Yet that wasn’t the case.

Alas, no-deal brexit will be the outcome, as predicted by those much more cynical for this utterly cynical and craven time, who knew the power of politicians of every national stripe.


Brexit fiasco is EPIC

MPs reject May’s EU withdrawal agreement

MPs reject Theresa May’s EU withdrawal agreement by 344 votes to 286, a majority of 58, throwing UK’s Brexit plans into more confusion. Mrs May said the vote would have “grave” implications and the “legal default” was that the UK would leave on 12 April.

I’ve found the BBC to be much too forgiving.

Brexit Day is cancelled: May’s final deception falls to pieces

She had one last grubby trick to pull. As the hours ticked down to the moment Britain was supposed to leave the EU, Theresa May forced another vote on her deal. She told the Commons it wasn’t really her deal at all. She claimed that supporting it would not prevent MPs from altering the overall Brexit package.

probably the best analysis of “Brexit Day”.
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