On parliamentarians talented, vainglorious, entertaining and anarchic

NICK BOLES’S dramatic resignation from the Conservative Party on Monday April 1st-he announced that was leaving the party and marched out of the chamber upon learning that a bill he had sponsored had fallen badly short of the votes it needed-is a significant moment in the transformation of the Tories from a pragmatic ruling party into …

Well worth watching for who is democratic.

Here was a country “determined to commit economic suicide but unable even to agree on how to kill itself”, led by “a ship of fools” unwilling to “compromise with one another and with reality”. The result was an “epic failure of political leadership”, Friedland said: scary stuff, but “you can’t fix stupid”.

A shambles on which the sun never sets: how the world sees Brexit

Rapt observers around the globe are confused, amused and saddened by a crisis that has torn Britain’s reputation for stability to shreds